Martin Cole

Although this is the smallest standard guitar that I make, its sound is anything but small. Ideally suited for finger-picking styles of playing, it delivers the same high volume for any single note played whether bass or treble.

I have made this model for both small people who may struggle over the body of a large "Jumbo" guitar, and large people who enjoy its bright, lively tone.

It has a twelve fret neck to avoid the "neck-heavy" feel of a fourteen fret neck on a small body.

Shown here is a walnut/spruce combination with ebony fingerboard and bridge. Below are shown some other versions of the Cirrus.

Maximum recommended string gauge 12 - 53

Mississippi Blues on a Cirrus
The Cirrus Guitar

Indian Rosewood/ Sitka Spruce 12 string Cirrus


Slotted headstock Lacewood Cirrus


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Florentine Cutaway Cirrus