Martin Cole

Of all stringed instruments, the mandolin is probably the most varied in form and design from the Neapolitan bowl-back to Lloyd Loar's Gibson F5.

This is my flat-top, flat-back design aimed primarily at providing the warm, ringing sustain tone required when playing Celtic music. Although the soundboard and back are described as flat, they are in fact arched over struts to give a slightly "inflated" appearance. This also gives the instrument the required strength to resist the tendency of many flat-top mandolin soundboards to slowly "sink" under the considerable down pressure of eight strings.

The instrument pictured here has back and sides of Indian rosewood with a spruce top. The fingerboard, one piece bridge and headstock veneer are rosewood and the neck is mahogany. Bindings are highly figured sycamore. It has a high gloss, hard wearing finish. The tailpiece is a solid brass design with chrome finish which helps to deliver excellent sustain. The tuners are made by Grover.

The instrument shown as a thumbnail on the Mandolin Family page is a slightly plainer mahogany/spruce version with an eggshell finish.

Scale length 350mm

Flat top & back soundhole mandolin