Martin Cole

Although this guitar is slightly wider than the dreadnought, because it is more waisted, it's internal volume or capacity is very similar. The Nimbus therefore sounds very similar to the Dreadnought but its shape appeals to those players who prefer a more traditional looking instrument. The body depth of 125mm could be reduced if required to mitigate the bass bias and provide a more balanced guitar for finger style or recording purposes.

Scale Length 645mm
Maximum recommended string gauge 13-56

The example below is Madagascan rosewood/cedar with ebony fingerboard, bridge and bindings.

The sound clip is part of "The River", a track by Fat Freddy's Cat (see my links page for contacts). I made a Nimbus for Chris Mitchell of this band and he really pulls a lovely sound from his guitar in the right-hand speaker.


The River - Fat Fredd'ys Cat
The Nimbus Guitar

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