Martin Cole

Specially developed in conjunction with Steve Tilston, this guitar could be described as a steel string version of a classical guitar. It borrows heavily from classical guitar design and construction i.e. slipper heel integral neck, wide fretboard, 650mm scale length and slotted headstock but differs radically in that the uneven shoulders of the body allow access to the 14th fret without resorting to a cutaway. Body capacity is therefore maximised for a very rich acoustic performance.

Below is shown an Indian rosewood/spruce version.

As the neck is built into the body, it can have a heel or be "heel-less" as you choose. Below are shown the two options:-

Steve Tilston playing his walnut/spruce Stratus 14/12. There are a lot more great videos on Youtube of him playing this guitar and also a rosewood/spruce Cirrus guitar I made for him.
The Stratus 14/12 Guitar